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Add: Shimenqiao Military Camp Development Zone, Renqiu City, Hebei Province, China
Mail: [email protected]
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About Ever Power:   

      Ever Power is located in Shimenqiao South Station Industrial Zone, Renqiu City, Baiyangdian Oil City, known as the "Pearl of North China".
     Our factory is a professional sprocket manufacturer with complete equipment, advanced technology and rich manufacturing experience.Produced by our companygear,Sprocket, Industrial gears, industrial sprockets, mechanical gears, mechanical sprockets, platform sprockets, flat sprockets and other transmission parts are produced in accordance with relevant standards, and are widely used in chemical, textile machinery, food processing, instrumentation, petroleum and other industries Among the mechanical transmissions, they are exported to various provinces across the country. At the same time, our company has established good customer relationships with many countries. Our company has a large number of export-oriented American standard and European standard sprockets.All export-type sprockets are made of international standard material of No. 45 steel.We can also order samples and drawings according to customer requirements.
     Our factory has a complete set of quality management system, reasonable production layout, stable product performance, reliable quality, and thoughtful after-sales service, which are deeply trusted and affirmed by users. 
     Based on the corporate tenet of "Integrity-Service-Reputation", the company serves customers wholeheartedly, and is willing to cooperate sincerely with colleagues from all walks of life, fight bravely in the wave of the new economy, and seek a broader development world together to achieve the goal of win-win for you and me.
    Friends from all walks of life are welcome to communicate and cooperate. Your satisfaction is also our achievement! !

Looking to the future:

   How many years of dreams, years of hope, and decades of hard work have created brilliance; entering the new century and embarking on a new journey, "Ever Power" people are full of pride.Keeping pace with the times, stepping on a solid foundation and taking a majestic stepThe future of "Ever Power" is full of hope.

   The results belong to yesterday.With today's hard work, there will be tomorrow's glory. "Every time the sun rises, it is when we start from the beginning." We are well aware of the fierce competition in the market, and we also knowThe truth of "sailing a boat against the current".We are constantly working hard and developing. We believe that our company will flourish, that our company will have a more brilliant tomorrow, and that our company will become a Chinese sprocket.Star of the world.     

   The rapid development of the times inspires the determination of "Ever Power" people to work hard, and the advancement of technology makes us full of confidence.Today's achievement is the new starting point of "Ever Power".I sincerely hope that colleagues will know each other on the road of career,Knowing each other, we are in the same boat, we will discuss the future of the sprocket industry together, embody our value in life, and work hand in hand towards a glorious tomorrow.

Address: Shimenqiao Military Camp Development Zone, Renqiu City, Hebei Province, China Phone: 1380323165    
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