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Mesh impact of sprocket
Release time: 2021-05-06 Article source: Views: 3
SprocketThe meshing impact:
During the meshing process of a pair of sprockets, the gear teeth will inevitably produce a certain degree of elastic deformation after being stressed, so whenever a gear tooth meshes, the load of the meshed gear teeth will be relatively reduced. It will immediately restore deformation toward the load position, thereby giving the gear body a tangential acceleration, plus the bending deformation of the original gear teeth under load and the gear manufacturing error, so that the gear teeth will be in the whole process from being engaged to being engaged. The smooth contact of the theoretical tooth profile cannot be obtained and the collision occurs, forming the so-called "meshing impact force".Under the action of this excitation force, the gear will also excite the circumferential vibration, radial vibration, and axial vibration of the gear, thereby generating noise and spreading out through the air and solid media, so the joints produced during the sprocket's addiction process The vibration generated by the pair of transmission gears due to the linear impact force and the meshing impact force becomes the main cause of the radiated noise.

When describing the mechanism of gear vibration and noise, the gear can be regarded as a spring-mass vibration system, the gear teeth are regarded as springs, and the gear body is regarded as mass, and the pitch line impact force and meshing impact force can be regarded as The external force causes the sprocket to vibrate in the circumferential direction.The gears are induced to produce radial and axial vibrations through shafting and bearings.The vibrations in these three directions are transmitted to the gearbox through the shaft, bearing and bearing seat, causing vibration of the box wall, and even inducing the vibration of the entire device, which radiates into the air as gearbox noise.

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