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Introduction to interference wear and abrasion of sprocket
Release time: 2021-04-25 Article source: Views: 16

SprocketIntroduction of interference wear and abrasion:

Interference wear:

Interference wear refers to the wear of the inner tip of the gear tooth or the tooth root of the meshing gear tooth.It is caused by too much material on the tooth tip or the root of another gear. The result is scraping and grinding away the material at the root and tip of the two gear teeth, resulting in the digging of grooves at the root of the tooth and the rounding of the top of the tooth. .

The characteristic of interference wear is that the tooth surface of the tooth root is dug out, and the top of the tooth that is in contact with it is crushed and deformed.Slight dry sand will only cause tooth surface wear and increase movement noise.However, serious interference will cause the gear to fail completely due to the serious damage of the tooth profile.Figure 2-6 shows the interference grinding of the tooth surface of the large gear.

Moderate bruises:

Moderate scratches are defined as uneven intervals in the sliding direction of the teeth.The length is different, and it is often the fine grooves scattered on the tooth surface.

Severe bruises:
It is a form of abrasive wear.Its characteristic is that there are straight grooves in the sliding direction of the gear teeth. These grooves are smooth, similar to the grooves produced by "ridges", but they are scratched by the unevenness of the meshing tooth surface itself or the hard particles embedded in it. Caused by.

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